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Start with Protein and Champion Wellness

In 2015 I was finally motivated to get in shape physically by having fun training for the TV show American Ninja Warrior (see  Ninja For Life  website for more there). Along the way I made many changes.   Today I find opportunities to help others reach their goals, so I volunteer part-time as a Wellness Champion for my employer. I speak with fellow colleagues that are making radical changes themselves and want to share what they have learned with others. For example one has been an athlete most of his life, and has found the benefits of going vegan. I was excited to hear he wanted to share these benefits with others, but talking with other colleagues I could tell many would not make immediate changes since they love eating meat and can't picture themselves giving up what they enjoy.   So I realize for many of us we need to start with small changes. Where do you get started?   I thought I knew everything about fitness already, so when I was offered fitness