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A Personality Type Test That Doesn't Suck

For those of you that know me, you know that I despise wasting time online. I've done enough of my time in my earlier years as I picture all those many hours of TV and video games every day of my teenager years. Luckily what I'm sharing today is not a time-waster.   Since I know time is limited, I want to make the best of that time by pursuing things I enjoy. Through a recommendation, I finally took the personality type test that helps you determine what career may suit you best. Mine is architect INTJ-T . Wow this is accurate – determined, always thinking / learning new skills, and a bit too honest at times :-)    You can take the 10 minute test over at     I am looking forward to hear from everyone how theirs came out in our FaceBook group .

Chrometophobia and Destroying Limiting Beliefs

When I bring up my chrometophobia I usually get a typical reaction - chrometo-what? You're not alone, just read on. So what would you do if money were no object?   You are never going to achieve the same results when you live out of fear.   I've got into many passions over the years, but I didn't have the right mindset. I pursued initiatives in business such as going green - improving processes to reduce paper consumption, reduce costs and be more sustainable. Although I made some progress, I knew there were problems that were too big to attack head on by myself.   Then I decided to change my mindset. As a parent, I knew the schools were pushing for kids to have a growth mindset. But it wasn't until after visiting the Grand Canyon that I put my life in perspective while getting into books like Your Money or Your Life, Grit, and The Magic of Thinking Big that I knew what to do.   To succeed I had to eliminate fear. Chrometoph

DO Anything - Join Our Counter-Culture Movement

America is #1!   Okay if you're already familiar with my other sites, you see where this is going. The United States has the highest health costs versus any other country. We may not be the highest percentage population due to small island countries winning there, but we have the largest number with over 100 million obese people .   Then there is the other side – those that dedicate themselves to being in shape or being the best in a sport. You would think there would be more of us in between those two extremes.   Diet and exercise (Physical Wellness) is just one aspect of wellness, and until you find enough motivation you'll continue to slack. Once you are committed though, you'll do what it takes to master it. In my case after discovering my motivation of challenging myself by training for ninja warrior obstacle competitions, I found that mastery through a book recommendation from a fit friend. Bigger Leaner Stronger for men (Thinner Lea

Work for happiness not money

What would you do if money were no object? Work for happiness not money @DestroyObstacles Instagram - Facebook - YouTube DO!