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Free Cert Data AI Cyber

Free Cert Data AI Cyber I love learning new things, so working in technology is a non-stop adventure! There are fun topics like: Cyber Security - it's no surprise that the rapid growth in technologies like AI, IoT, & Cloud have made securing vital data & infrastructure for companies more important now than ever before. I wanted to keep up to date, so it was a pleasure to attend the Official Cyber Security Summit last week in Miami, my first large technology conference attended since COVID. I met a lot of great people in the InfoSec community, and am looking forward to more events like that.  Data - as a 2017 article in The Economist says "the world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data." It is what powers a lot of our everyday lives. Once we capture data, we can use analytics to visualize data insights. AI - with the rise of AI brings lots of great things as well. AI is powered by data (Large Language Models, LLMs) to generate fresh content as we

Rollercoasters Sports Gaming Challenge

Another month of fun is flying by! Usually when schools take off for Spring Break, our family will rush to travel away from South Florida to go somewhere else. This time we wanted to slow things down, so we finally had a great staycation together to enjoy more things like: Rollercoasters at the Fair - we enjoyed lots of rollercoasters, carnival games, & other fun at our local fair. We went during the week when it was less crowded, and it was also a great deal since they discounted that weekday. Sports (Table Tennis & Biking) - I took a break from my usual games of pickleball on the weekdays, but luckily we have plenty of other ways to keep moving. We now have a professional table tennis table setup at home, and the competition is fierce against tough opponents like my young daughters.   And I also signed up for a bike tour around all five boroughs of New York City, so I'm excited for fun ways to stay fit. Gaming (Arcade & VR) - I also battled my daughters on games at th