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The 30 Second Commercial Challenge and 5 Memorable Things

This week's challenge was a good one! There is an upcoming local ninja obstacle competition this weekend, and my daughters are already thinking of their ninja name for when they make it big on TV.   I mentioned the importance of a good story to complement the videos of their training, and the idea of having a 30 second commercial with 5 memorable things came up.   So what are 5 memorable things about me?   Technology geek – I leverage business technology solutions as an IT project manager for a large healthcare organization.   Ninja Warrior saved my life – With multiple health issues including a collapsed lung, I finally improved my health 4 years ago after discovering the TV show. I enjoy training for obstacle events, races, and other sports.   Motivating my 2 kids – I have two daughters that are 7 and 9, and enjoy activities like biking and applying a growth mindset while we learn new things together.   FIRE set me free – I was overly frugal wit