Hi I'm James, and get ready to achieve Total Wellness and Destroy Obstacles! I've always loved climbing and challenges. Traditional team sports not so much, although soccer is high up there. 

I suffered from limiting beliefs for many years. 

Obstacle competitions like ninja warrior motivated me to change my life for the better. I developed health issues and even had a collapsed lung 3 years prior, but it wasn't until I started training that I finally decided to get my diet straightened out. It kept me motivated as a I pursued a path of wellness. Along the way I found enjoyment with my family as I grew stronger, and not just physically. Mentally I knew I could take on other obstacles that came in my path (see NextLevelFI.com for attaining Financial Wellness, and other sites below). 

This started out as a legacy document for my family – inspire them to pursue their passions and make the most of their lives. Then I realized that this is something I should share with everyone. 

As a community we'll help each other reach the top and enjoy it along the way – everyone from those reached rock bottom to the life masters that have reached the top and want to share their passion with others. 

I Destroy Obstacles – are you up for the challenge? If so join us using the Facebook group link below, and we can enjoy the journey to the top. https://www.facebook.com/groups/349049955804754/


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DigitalBeyond.com – Master Business Technology - From Dreams to Reality 
NextLevelFI.com – Financial Independence The Next Generation – Master Money and Empower Your Life 
DestroyObstacles.com – DO Anything – Total Wellness, Motivation, Life Coaching, Fitness, OCR, Quotes  
NinjaForLife.comNinja Obstacle Experience - American Ninja Warrior Community, Training, OCR Obstacle Racing, and More 
GamerWarrior.com – Gaming, American Ninja Warrior


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