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COVID-19 Leadership Book Challenge

Well it goes without saying, but in these times of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic it is a perfect time to read a good book on leadership. A great recommendation I picked up recently is just the captivating read: Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win audiobook / ebook In fact, I'm calling out all current & future leaders to read this book so we can discuss it in an upcoming book club discussion. What are your top 3 current & future leaders that you challenge? Let us know on Twitter by tagging @DestroyObstacle using #LeadershipChallenge. We'll schedule a book club discussion soon, so subscribe on YouTube for updates If you don't already have devices to help check out the Kindle , and you can spread out multiple Echo Dot s around the house to read to you when you are not using headphones.