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Overcoming Challenges Cybersecurity Transformation

Overcoming Challenges: 3 Steps To My Cybersecurity Analyst CySA+ Transformation So, what has been your toughest challenge in your career or personal life so far, & how were you able to overcome it?   For some of us this might include overseeing massively complex projects, handling difficult people, or competing in seemingly impossible fitness races/challenges.   We could try to avoid challenges like these, but that would limit our opportunities for growth. And actively seeking challenges can help us break through our comfort zone as long as we have the right strategy & focus.   I'm no stranger to setting big goals to achieve. I've competed in fitness challenges, raced in marathons, triathlons, & even obstacle races like ninja warrior.   Having done this enough, I noticed patterns for what worked. It was a simple 3-step process that anyone could use. So if I know I need to change to grow professionally, then where should I start?   A great quote by Lao Tzu says that