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Tony Robbins Free Comeback Challenge

If you know anything about motivation you probably know about Tony Robbins. His events draws large crowds, but events have been postponed recently due to COVID-19. Luckily while we deal with that, he is offering a free 7-day challenge with him and other presenters. Check it out at: See them virtually live on Facebook at 2pm EDT each day this week. What other great virtual events have you found recently? Let us know in the comments

Three Secrets to Achieve Goals

So what is the secret with achieving goals? Maybe you've reached some, but if you are like many you make big goals & then give up when it gets out of reach.   In my younger years I struggled for years with keeping consistent with exercise. Then the TV show Ninja Warrior came along where I trained for 30 days & completed most of the obstacles. The same thing happened with my financial life - for years I lived in fear of picking the wrong investments, but now with the power of FIRE I'm on track to reach financial freedom in 7 years so my daughters can model the behavior. Let's look at what works: Fun - Make it a game with rewards along the way. I love trying new craft beer, so for me that is a great incentive along the way to keep me motivated. I also love competition, so   challenging others can also help. Strong Desire - Having a powerful purpose drives our passion. Having a WHY is critical - the 80% vs. the how 20%. We need