Chrometophobia and Destroying Limiting Beliefs

When I bring up my chrometophobia I usually get a typical reaction - chrometo-what? You're not alone, just read on.

So what would you do if money were no object? 

You are never going to achieve the same results when you live out of fear. 

I've got into many passions over the years, but I didn't have the right mindset. I pursued initiatives in business such as going green - improving processes to reduce paper consumption, reduce costs and be more sustainable. Although I made some progress, I knew there were problems that were too big to attack head on by myself. 

Then I decided to change my mindset. As a parent, I knew the schools were pushing for kids to have a growth mindset. But it wasn't until after visiting the Grand Canyon that I put my life in perspective while getting into books like Your Money or Your Life, Grit, and The Magic of Thinking Big that I knew what to do. 

To succeed I had to eliminate fear. Chrometophobia (fear of not having enough money) was mine, but a few realizations allowed me to break free: 

1. Options – with the money I had saved so far, I could always drastically reduce my expenses and travel around the country in a trailer like other friends were doing 
2. Time is ticking away, there is math to that – thanks to a friend for sharing The Tail End article 

The time is now to spend with my daughters, and make the best of life. How about you?


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