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America is #1! 
Okay if you're already familiar with my other sites, you see where this is going. The United States has the highest health costs versus any other country. We may not be the highest percentage population due to small island countries winning there, but we have the largest number with over 100 million obese people. 

Then there is the other side – those that dedicate themselves to being in shape or being the best in a sport. You would think there would be more of us in between those two extremes. 

Diet and exercise (Physical Wellness) is just one aspect of wellness, and until you find enough motivation you'll continue to slack. Once you are committed though, you'll do what it takes to master it. In my case after discovering my motivation of challenging myself by training for ninja warrior obstacle competitions, I found that mastery through a book recommendation from a fit friend. Bigger Leaner Stronger for men (Thinner Leaner Stronger for women) by Mike Matthews:

You can listen on Audible, and the eBook or physical book helps to visualize the movements.

We'll focus on other areas of wellness, mainly the mental game like developing a Growth mindset and utilizing Life hacks. If you constantly improve yourself by just getting 1% better every day, you'll notice a compounding effect similar to when you are building wealth (see for pretty graphs to help you visualize that). 

So take action by tracking yourself and setting goals. Plan where to go in life, leave a legacy, and start today.


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