Geeking out Data AI

Geeking out on Data & AI

I tend to obsess over at least one subject to keep me always learning new things, and this time it is Data & AI:

  • Data - it is all around us, & tools like Microsoft Power BI allow us to harness that power. Since it is one of our main tools used at work, I knew I needed to use it more. Luckily, Microsoft Learn offers free hands-on labs that walk you through all the basics.

    After completing their cloud skills challenge at one of their recent events, I was offered a discount to take the Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) exam. After attempting the exam, I'm glad to share that I passed!
  • AI - I'm also amazed by how powerful AI tools can help us out with daily tasks. My main go-to is ChatGPT for generating content, summarizing content, & much more. And if you have Microsoft Edge, Bing Chat is built into the browser & lets you do things like summarize articles & generate images.

I enjoy sharing what I'm learning, so I'm putting together courses on both Data & AI to offer later this year. If you're interested just subscribe at & I'll announce the date/time soon.

I also try to share what I'm learning or doing once a week on LinkedIn, so feel free to follow me there at

What are you geeking out on lately? Let us know @DigitalBeyond


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