Survive COVID-19 Stay Home Virtual Visit

My Doctor wife has been handling the influx of telemedicine patients today with Coronavirus symptoms & basically urging most of them to (see my earlier post for more on that). Unfortunately still many are unaware of how easy they can spread it to others, which is causing the crisis to grow exponentially every day.

So what can we do to prevent the problem from becoming worse? Well besides above,  use the virtual resources you have at your disposal. The health care system in our area is currently offering FREE virtual visits at There are also many other resources being shared within the community while we fight through this. 

As this continues to escalate, we know that mandatory quarantine is necessary & will happen just like it did in San Francisco yesterday & already in other cities/countries globally.

If anyone is still unsure of the severity of this please reach out to me.

Quarantine won't stop me running & exercise from home though, so our greatness never stops 🙂 


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