Tech Tools to Build Skills

Scheduling monthly activities has been a great way spend more quality time with my daughters, & all are welcome to join us! Last month we recorded a quick activity to build "Growth Mindset Goals" to master our "Wheel of Life." This month we'll go over "Tech Tools to Build Skills," including all the great things available through the library. You can sign up & access past webinars at

So when did you have your last major breakthrough in life?

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the popular Tony Robbins: Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event virtually, & am so glad I did. The event is an immersive 4 day & 4 night experience that will keep you moving out of your seat just like attending a music concert from your favorite band should be.

The event is geared for adults & warns you of the language that is used. There is a documentary "I am Not Your Guru" that is great for adults to check out.

For those interested you can check out my affiliate link below. 100% goes towards purchase of tickets for my family/friends to attend future events.

You can prime your day & practice incantations on our YouTube channel

One of the takeaways of the event is that life will never be the same, & that we continue to take action after the event. For me I wanted to spend more time with my kids & build a great mindset using similar activities.

What goals MUST you achieve this year? Let us know in the comments

Experience Tony Robbins Live! Get tickets to his next event at What's standing between you and success?


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